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Beneath The Grave is a small 70 guild with previous players from Born to Survive, who are looking to carry on a top quality standard of 70 twinking.

Our Goals:
- To begin with have a top notch 10 man team clearing Sunwell Plateau on a weekly basis timing ourselves and trying to complete it faster and faster each week. Eventually we would like to have a second group which is able to take alts through.

-To begin with, we would like to put up a very strong tactical Rated Battle Ground team, aiming to dominate the rbg's and make a name for ourselves. this team will constantly be changed through the evenings we play, we understand that many of you enjoy the pvp aspect of level 70 and so plan to have a rotation of people to keep the flow, but still producing the same quality of play. eventually we maybe able to have two teams up depending on the numbers we get of each class.

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Beneath The Grave - new 70 guild!

boro, Dec 19, 11 1:31 PM.

If ur interested please leave an application! be sure to read the requirements which can be found under our forums under the general discussion.


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